Ehy, what about you? How many of Sean's films have you seen?


*_* ahhhh thank you for asking (i enjoyed emma and yours post btw! pretty sure i have another’s collection in my sean tag too lmao they make me so happy)

i’ve seen minder, jesus, tom & thomas, 24 hour party people, judge john deed, trauma, creep, brothers of the head, isolation, see no evil, ashes to ashes, red riding trilogy, law & order: uk, harry brown, five daughters, wet work, the hare, native son, battles, brighton rock, outlaw, a lonely place to die, frozen, prometheus, the borgias, deliver us from evil, southcliffe, and jamaica inn.

there’s a lotta tv i’m missing and eventually i need to get around to seeing saxon because unff yes


I feel like you can’t be a nonchalant Sean Harris fan. Once you start liking him it’s literally a downward spiral of needing to see everything he’s ever been in.

Dude, I’ve been dying to see Saxon, haha. I tend to like his more interesting/fucked up roles. 

Which characters of his are your favorite? And why?

How many of Sean's films have you seen? (Including short films and television show episodes.)


Oh, dear lord. Well, let’s take it from the top:

Minder, Kavanagh QC, Jesus, Two Halftimes to Hell, Casualty, Wet Work, The Fabulous Bilsons, The Discovery of Heaven, Tom & Thomas, 24 Hour Party People, one of The Bills, Judge John Deed, The Vice, Strange, True Love (Once Removed), The Hare, Trauma, Creep, Asylum, Frozen, Brothers of the Head, Isolation, See No Evil: The Moors Murders, Outlaw, Saxon, Ashes to Ashes, Waking the Dead, Red Riding, Law & Order: UK, Harry Brown, Five Daughters, Native Son, Brighton Rock, A Lonely Place to Die, Prometheus, Battles, The Borgias, Southcliffe, Jamaica Inn, and ‘71 (on the 27th!!). And possibly a few other shorts I’m forgetting.

(and consider pls that I’m American and had to scrounge around online for most of these, as they’re not available on DVD here. >:[ And I’m still missing a bunch. DISCRIMINATION!!!)

Okay, I hope you don’t mind me replying this way, haha.

I’ve seen Two Half-Times to Hell, Wet Work, The Discovery of Heaven, The Bilsons, True Love (Once Removed), Tom & Thomas, Trauma, Creep, The Hare, Asylum, Frozen, Isolation, Outlaw, Harry Brown, Native Son, Brighton Rock, A Lonely Place to Die, Prometheus, Deliver Us from Evil, Kavanagh QC, Casualty, The Hunt, Battles, Judge John Deed, Strange, See No Evil: The Moors Murders, the beginning of Wedding Belles, Ashes to Ashes, Law & Order: UK, Waking the Dead, Five Daughters, The Borgias, Southcliffe and Jamaica Inn.

I watched Creep for Joe Anderson before I knew who Sean was and my friend and I wound up thinking Joe was playing Craig the entire time because we missed his 2 second appearance in the beginning of the film, haha.

BTW HEY I have links for all of the films/episodes I listed. So if you haven’t seen any of them, I can link you.